It is the ninth month, people!

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I have neglected the updates – sorry! Life has been a little bit full and intense lately.

This is week 36 and things are starting to feel a bit faster. I think it’s easier now, because technically, the baby could come any time at this point. It’s not likely, but it’s possible, and so if it takes another 4-6 weeks I won’t know that until that time has passed anyway! Before, 6 weeks was just plain 6 weeks. So, whether that’s good logic or not, it’s working for me. Also, being busy is helpful, as long as I pause to put my feet up for a while now and then – and I’m doing both! I am tired and annoyingly puffy and swollen, but doing fine in general.

We had an ultrasound last week to check that Alejandro is head down – and yes, baby is head down and was on the preferred side, so that’s good news. I was pretty confident about the head down part, since I am frequently getting kicked in the ribs! There is another appointment this afternoon, though I don’t really know the specific reason for it – we have appointments with the OBs every week now until the birth. We need to pick a pediatrician and finish filling out preregistration stuff for the hospital.

Obligatory photo:

34 weeks

34 weeks

I have successfully diapered a stuffed frog! ;) Ryan took a few photos of me sitting amongst piles of baby stuff from my baby showers. (A couple more are up at Flickr, by the way.)