The State of the Uterus

Posted: May 14th, 2009 | Author: | Comments Off

At 32 weeks, I am one month into the third trimester. I think it’s probably time for a status update!

I am pretty much done being pregnant now, thanks! Which is too bad, since there are 2 more months left. :) Really, I am doing fine and having no major problems. I’m just missing my old self, the ability to move freely, and days when I did not have heartburn. I was also going to say that I would like to stop being awake for a 2 hour period every night, but I realize 2 hours of sleep loss a night will soon be the least of my sleep loss problems. :) Also, I am just ready to meet this baby!

Meanwhile, I am enjoying swimming a couple of times a week. I’m not a very good swimmer (as in, I never learned to do it properly) but I’m doing some relatively gentle laps and enjoying spending time in the pool. It makes me feel lighter, and allows for movement I can’t really do on land anymore. :) Prenatal yoga has also been really great. I am still taking walks, also, but that’s a much less graceful experience and slight inclines make me tired.

We are also taking a class on hypnosis for birth. We’ve only done the first session so far, but I’m glad we decided on this class because I think the skills we learn will really help me to relax during labor and cope with pain. Plus, the class itself is quite relaxing and empowering…and I’ve used the practice CDs to help me fall asleep a few times. The class does not cover “normal” birth class stuff so much, so Ryan and I are both doing a lot of reading about the birth process and related things. I just finished “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth”, and now I have to figure out what needs to be read next!

Now I am off to ask Ryan if he will clip my toenails for me. Pregnancy is so glamorous!

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