Photos and Jelly Beans

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I just added a couple of links to our photos. Look on the right side of this page, down a little bit – under “Our Links”, you’ll see a list of links. “Our pregnancy photos” links you to a set of just the photos we have taken of me while pregnant, bein’ as how this is a baby blog and all. ;) All future pregnancy-specific photos will go there, as well. “Our photostream” links to all of our photos, in all their unsorted glory, should you be interested in life outside of baby-related stuff.

Since I did not properly update after our last doctor’s appointment: all is well. I did my glucose testing – 18 jelly beans in two minutes (which is way, way harder than I thought it would be!), with blood testing an hour later – and I do not have gestational diabetes. Everything else they check was all good. Meanwhiel, Alejandro has dance parties pretty frequently, and is still very fond of the 11pm and 5am discos in particular.

I will be 30 weeks on Tuesday!


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