Stuff for babies

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Some of you have asked to see a registry/list of things we need and want/etc. We did put a list together, and it’s here:
We chose Amazon because they have a cool new wishlist feature that allows you to add items from any website, not just theirs. If you choose to purchase something that isn’t sold by Amazon, it will simply redirect you to the necessary website, while keeping track of what has been purchased through the wish list so that we don’t end up with, say, three car seat bars for our stroller. It seems like a pretty cool way to do things, and I think it’ll be pretty easy to use.

We’re very grateful if you do want to buy us stuff, but we think of this list more as a shopping/wish list for us than a list of things we expect other people to buy. We have acquired some baby items already, which is where we hope this list will come in particularly handy – it will let you, and us, know what we still need.  (On that note: we do live in a small apartment, drive a small car, and we’re not settled into our current living space forever. For that reason, we want to avoid having a lot more stuff than is necessary. Please keep that in mind before buying any enormous stuffed animals or toys noisy enough to annoy us *and* our neighbors. ;))

Also possibly worth noting: Ryan’s birthday is coming up. He has mentioned that he’d rather receive baby stuff than normal presents this year, in case you are someone who was planning to buy him a gift. :)

bigger and bigger and bigger

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We hadn’t really talked to Eleanor about the whole pregnancy thing yet, since it’s kind of early and we figured she was likely to a) not quite get it and b) wonder where the darn baby was. However, she inquired about the state of my belly recently (meaning, she sat on my stomach, then poked around and said “What’s happening, Sarah?”) so I/we tried a little bit. The only part she seems to have internalized for now is this: ” Sarah’s belly is going to get BIGGER AND BIGGER AND BIGGER ’till I wait and see!” Which is fine, and also super cute. :)

Now she quite often wants to lift my shirt and check to see if my belly has gotten bigger. This inevitably leads to some good conversations about my navel piercing, also. :)

22 weeks

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Okay, so I am missing some face. But the belly is all there!

Food, glorious food

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In the first trimester, my ice cream of choice was always Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Second trimester – I am all about Haagan Daz coffee ice cream. When I eat it, Alejandro gets excited and starts wiggling. I know the feeling. :)

Things I have craved:

-Asian food, varying from Asiana Noodle House’s tom yum soup to cheap, not-very-good lo mein

-Cheesecake with cherries. Thanks to both Meg and Raina, this one has been addressed twice! :)

– Pasta. In many forms, but in the beginning when I was sick a lot, I craved big bowls of plain ol’ pasta, sometimes with a little butter, oil, or parmesan…but sometimes just plain pasta cooked in salty water.

-Lately, I have been really deeply into Annie’s macaroni and cheese. The kind that rips off Kraft, with the little straight elbow noodles and orange cheese and everything, but not as flourescent and with actual goodness. I ate an entire box the other day.

– Smoothies with coconut milk.

– Blueberries.

– Veggie subs – or that one time, the spicy, oil-and-vinegary, veggie-tastic sandwich from City Market that basically made my entire day and sent me into fits of ecstasy. Really, that was the best sandwich experience EVER.

– vanilla yogurt with fruit (I thaw frozen peaches, berries, etc. and mix them in)

-pizza…oddly, Pizza Hut pizza has come up more than once. Before being pregnant, it had been probably a year since I had had Pizza Hut pizza.

– Coke. Oooooh Coke. Never a lot at once, but a little bit of Coke makes me very, very happy.

– movie popcorn. Not regular popcorn, MOVIE POPCORN.

– potatoes. Particular fried ones. Particularly particularly the ones Shawn makes.  Also, tonight Ryan made me smashed potatoes with garlic, fresh dill, salt and pepper, and cottage cheese. SO GOOD. Ooooh potatoes.

-grapefruit. Also dilly beans. Oh and raspberries. I’m getting hungry, it’s time to stop.

Tonight, I randomly want a deviled egg. It turns out, I really like eating in general. ;) I haven’t wanted anything particularly bizarre, just…a whole lot of food. Eating was tricky for a while, and I’m sometimes picky – but if i find the right food, eating is totally great. Oh hey, I think my egg is boiled enough to devil now. See ya!