20 week ultrasound

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ultrasound2(You can click to enlarge if you want.)

Now, you may be aware that the 20 week ultrasound is the magical time when you can find out the sex of the fetus. Yes, we found out, but no, we won’t be sharing right now. We’d like it to be a surprise – we’ll have to see how long we can manage, but we’re thinking of using “he” “she” and “it” interchangably, and also using the fake name Alejandro to help us refer to it without giving it away. :)

So, what are we seeing in that image? I’ll label things on the long strip of photos which is coming up next, but if description helps you more: in that top image, Alejandro is facing out at the camera, mostly. Arms up under the face. You will see the creepy little alien face going sideways. Oh heck this is hard, you can look at the labels on this next one and see if they help. ;) Click to enlarge (and you’re going to need to):


On the ultrasound, we could see the brain, a nice clear shot of the heart beating, rib cage and spine (I wish I had a shot of that, it was very cool but also kind of creepy), the umbilical cord, and other fun stuff. The most fun and exciting for me was seeing movement, especially since I was feeling it at the same time. (Duh, right? But it was cool. :)) That experience definitely made it clear to me that all those feelings I am having really are movement, not just the definitive and uncomfortable ones ;), and that this is a very active baby.

Everything looks good, by the way – all the things they check via ultrasound seemed to be fine, and I’m on target for all the things I am supposed to be on target for.  So, healthy all around as far as we can tell! My next appointment will just be a check-up, nothing “exciting” until glucose testing in 8 weeks (ick).


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I have been feeling a little bit of movement for  weeks, but in the past few days the inner swashbuckling has really kicked in.  I am being kicked, poked, and/or pressed upon quite a lot lately, and with vigor! Sometimes it makes me jump and yelp.

It is both Alien-style freaky and also very cool.

PS: Today is the beginning of week 20. That’s the halfway point, folks!

From the “Ha ha look at the pregnant lady eat!” files:

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They had relatively cheap 24 oz. packages of blueberries at Costco. I bought one, took it home, and ate approximately 1 pound of blueberries in one sitting. This was at about 9 or 10 at night. When I got up in the morning, I finished off the last half pound.

I have wanted more blueberries ever since.