16 weeks

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We had our 16 week OB appointment on Monday, and while it wasn’t extremely exciting or anything, all seems to be well. :) They took some blood, checked my weight, and other uninteresting doctor-y things. We heard the heartbeat, though it took two different dopplers and some effort (the first doppler was staticky, and the fetus was evasive about the second one).

So okay, really I don’t have much to report but I felt like maybe I should update anyway. Also, while I really feel a little funny about posting endless photos of my belly, we took some more last week (15 weeks) and I think there is a noticable difference between the 14 week shots and the 15 week shots. It’s a little weird, really. So what the heck, I’ll post those too. I know you’re all super excited to check on the state of my abdomen, right? Click to enlarge, yo.



(Um dude I look really pregnant in that last one. I don’t always look quite that pregnant. Maybe I ate a big breakfast? Yowzers.)

14 week belly photos

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Click on the images to enlarge, should you be so moved.



We call this one “I can has belly”


Ryan took officially Too Many Photos. I was done by the end. :)

Talk Like A Pirate Baby!

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Last night, we had a lovely, quiet New Year’s Eve party at Shawn and Meg’s. There was a baby named John there who was born on Talk Like a Pirate Day!

John weighed about 12 pounds. When I held him, Shawn and I spent a moment imagining what I would look like if I had a baby approximately that size (though okay, not quite that big) INSIDE ME. Then we laughed in a combination of horror and amusement, because such a thing cannot – or should not – be physically possible for me.  I wish I had a picture of how huge he looked when I held him, so you could share in the crazy imagery.

In other sort of funny news, John has a dog at his house. I think I held John for 10 minutes or so before I had to give him to Meg because I was sneezing so much. Thank you, pregnancy, for making me such a good pet-detector, and so pleasant to have at parties!