Wanna see my blob?

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Our first ultrasound, at 7 weeks

Our first ultrasound, at 7 weeks

Hello embryo!

This is our first ultrasound, taken at 7 weeks. Yes, that is a bit early – normally my doctor’s office doesn’t do them until between 8 and 10 weeks. But due to scheduling conflicts and some spotting I had early on, they got me in early. This means there is not a lot to see, but click the ultrasound image to enlarge it and you will see the blob-looking embryo, the heartbeat visually represented at the bottom there (the white smudgey things along the bottom line), and my bladder, already being squished (at the top). The dark, half-moon shape thing is uterus. Wacky, huh?

What we learned from this, basically, is that the pregnancy is in the right place (meaning, in my uterus – it’s not ectopic) and that everything looked fine.  Also, we got to hear the heartbeat of this teensy little thing, which was kind of cool.

At 7 weeks, I was already pretty nauseated, and napping most every afternoon. Ryan has been doing the dishes for me since about 6 weeks, when I could no longer stand smelling anything.  I was very thankful for that, all the cooking he’s been doing, and also for plain pasta and ginger brew. You don’t even know, people.

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